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quiet period kit.jpg
Images and scans of two packages of materials I received near the start of Quiet Period (during my second coronavirus test at the OMAC, 9/2/20.) Similar bags were distributed to all undergraduate students who were living in the Providence area and…

mask statue.jpg
Image shows the statue of Caesar Augustus on Wriston Quad wearing a face mask. Photographer note: "It says fuck white supremacy on the base."

share facts about COVID-19 poster.jpg
Poster collected from the Brown Design Workshop during moveout. The poster, created by the CDC, is titled "Share Facts About COVID-19". States that "Diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their race or ethnicity", that "The risk of getting…

evacuation COMPRESSED.mp4
This is a "vlog-style" video filmed from March 15-March 16 showing Brown Class of Belinda Hu's "inconsistent account" of her and her friends moving out of their dorms. The video ends with Belinda driving back home to Greenville, NC. Featured in the…

A box labeled FOOD DONATION in Wayland Arch, next to which is a box of toiletries.

Photographs showing trash and overflowing dumpsters on Wriston Quad during moveout.


Sign standing in Faunce Arch instructing readers to "Stay healthy for yourself and others" and to visit to "Stay in the know." Similar signs were placed throughout campus.

A poster in Faunce basement instructing readers to "COVER YOUR COUGH", "CLEAN YOUR HANDS", and contact Health Services if experiencing respiratory symptoms. Readers are told to visit for more information. Copies of this poster…

Empty shelves in the Campus Market

A photo taken at 190 Hope Street of a poster created by the CDC suggesting ways to "Help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19." Copies of this poster were posted throughout campus.
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