Contribute to the Archive

While we are trying our best to collect as much information as possible on our own, hearing directly from students about their experience is the heart of this project.

We are collecting submissions for the archive using two forms: (for material submissions such as photos, emails/correspondence, artwork, social media posts, etc) and (for written submissions about any experience related to COVID). 

Submissions could truly be anything that shaped, affected, or resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, as we want to capture the student experience as holistically as possible. We would be happy to accept anything from your difficulties with moving out, to how you're managing remote learning, to your emails to Dean Zia about Universal Pass, and anything in between (or beyond). We are especially welcoming of stories from student groups who have been particularly affected such as International students, U-FLi students, student workers, immunocompromised students, Class of 2020, students who remained on campus, etc. We hope that the Brown undergraduate community can take advantage of this opportunity for their stories to become a part of the archival record and to ensure that all of the struggles that we have faced will not be forgotten.