New! Trending Globally Podcast Episode

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New! Trending Globally Podcast Episode


Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs




June 30, 2020

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Confused About How to Stay Safe in a Pandemic? Emily Oster is Here to Help. 'Should I wash my groceries? How important is wearing a mask in public? When will things return to 'normal'?' To help answer these questions (and many more), Watson economist Emily Oster created 'Covid Explained,' a website designed to provide some clarity and context to the confusing health recommendations surrounding the novel coronavirus. On this new episode of Trending Globally, host Sarah Baldwin and Oster delve into her personal motivation for creation of the site, the effect she hopes it will have, and how the average person could benefit from thinking a little more like an economist. Listen by subscribing to Trending Globally wherever you access podcasts, or online using the link below!


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