Brown China Summit Coronavirus Statement

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Brown China Summit Coronavirus Statement


Jackson W Barkstrom




February 15, 2020

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To the Brown University Community:

As of Feb. 13, China’s national health commission has confirmed around 60,000 cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some believe this number is under-reported, but regardless of the numbers, it is abundantly clear that Novel Coronavirus is a global public health emergency.

Brown China Summit stands in solidarity with all those affected directly or indirectly by this crisis. This disease has brought the lives of many to a screeching halt. We especially stand with the victims, and we especially stand with those who have loved ones at risk.

We condemn prejudice against Chinese citizens or those of Chinese descent, and we condemn panic and misinformative news. The world must come together in response to this crisis rather than blame or panic.

Health Services staff at Brown have seen no suspected cases of Coronavirus and have identified no specific risks to any members of the Brown community. Our annual event will go on as planned. Still, the disease has indirectly affected many members of our community and their families, and it is something that everyone at Brown should be aware of.

For questions related to Brown University's response and support please visit Brown's official FAQ on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. The Watson Institute also has a resource page to stay up to date on the outbreak.

Stay strong Wuhan!

Brown China Summit


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