Email: Mar 11, Campus Life to Brown Community

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Email: Mar 11, Campus Life to Brown Community


Eric Estes, Vanessa Britto


March 11th, 2020

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Members of the Brown Community:

On Monday, we shared that three Brown students were being tested for novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and were in isolation pending the outcome of test results. We are pleased to report today that test results for all three students are negative.

While the students will remain in isolation for the coming days, based on the recommendation of state health officials, this is nonetheless positive news for these students and for the health of the entire
Brown community.

While there are no presumed or confirmed COVID-19 cases on our campus, we know that the potential exists for members of our community to be directly affected at some point, given the spread of the virus nationally. Students or others may be isolated and tested at additional points moving forward.

We appreciate the need to keep the community informed. Though we will not formally announce all isolations or pending tests on an ongoing basis, we will inform the campus in the event of any positive test result. Out of respect for privacy, we will focus on providing timely updates to the community without information specific to individuals. We are committed to taking all necessary steps to protect the safety and well-being of the Brown community.

Thank you for your continued understanding in the face of this global public health emergency.


Eric Estes
Vice President for Campus Life

Vanessa Britto, M.D., MSc.
Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Executive Director for Health and Wellness, Assistant
Professor of Medicine

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Update: Student Tests are Negative for COVID-19


Eric Estes, Vanessa Britto


Brown Community


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