The COVID-19 Collaboration Platform

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The COVID-19 Collaboration Platform


Meg Lopes




May 8, 2020

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Please join us at noon tomorrow along with Elizabeth Ogburn (Johns Hopkins), for her virtual talk, "A collaboration platform to facilitate aggregating evidence across COVID-19 RCTs." The COVID-19 Collaboration Platform is a repository of RCT protocols whose PIs are open to collaborating with new teams of researchers in order to get high-quality evidence to clinicians quickly. Hundreds of COVID-19 interventional trials are currently registered on—and that number is growing quickly. Many platforms currently exist for tracking COVID-19 trials and for sharing COVID-19 observational data, but none of them facilitate the formation of collaborations at all stages of research, and none of the existing data-sharing platforms target RCTs. The COVID-19 Collaboration Platform fills this gap by bringing together researchers who are interested in the same clinical questions at all stages of research. Talk Link: This event is sponsored by the Data Science Initiative.


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