Priority - Bi-Weekly Payroll Check Delivery

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Priority - Bi-Weekly Payroll Check Delivery


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April 15, 2020

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All bi-weekly staff checks for pay date 04/17 will be mailed via the United States Postal Service to the address on file in Workday. If you have yet to sign up for direct deposit, we highly encourage you to do so to avoid any delays in receiving future checks due to mailing time. Please note the direct deposit process takes about 10 business days to take effect. If you would like to have direct deposit in place for the next bi-weekly check date of 05/01/20, you must complete the direct deposit process prior to April 17, 2020. We also encourage you to review and update your home mailing address directly in Workday to ensure your address is up to date.

In addition, all bi-weekly student checks for pay date 04/17 will be delivered to student mailboxes. If you are no longer on campus or do not have access to your student box, we recommend that you log in to Banner and provide a mail forwarding address so that you can receive your paycheck.


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