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This is my letter to Dean Rashid Zia following... - Una Lomax-Emrick.png
Student email to Dean Zia after Zia's refusal to implement Universal Pass

Brown University Mail - Fwd_ Elitist Email.pdf
Leo Tamez '21 wrote this email to Dean Zia regarding the grade debate after Zia's email articulating that Universal Pass will not be implemented at Brown. The student also posted a screenshot of the email to his personal Facebook account with a…

BOP Presents  Candide!.png
Brown Opera Productions' canceled spring show

Gala 2020  The Roaring Twenties.png
Cancellation of our large, campus-wide gala

IMG_6617 - Brown COVID Archives (1).PNG
Event created in light of restriction of 100+ person events, then canceled due to university policy
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