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Canceled Facebook Events

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This collection consists of screenshots of cancelled Facebook events made by various Brown students in response to announcements made by…

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Personal Anecdotes & Experiences

Submit7COVID (1).pdf

These written accounts of personal experiences were written by students and submitted to us to be a part of this archive.

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Student-University Communication

Fwd Regarding Browns Grading Policy.pdf

This collection consists of emails written to administration by students, screenshotted from their posts on Facebook.

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Brown Daily Herald

Brown files to dismiss class action lawsuit demanding refund over COVID-19 closure.png

This collection consists of articles published by the Brown Daily Herald, the undergraduate daily student newspaper, in regards to COVID-19 at Brown.

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COVID-19 Website


This collection captures the webpages from Brown University's It was recorded on April 15, 2020.

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Brown Dank Stash of Memes for S/NC Teens

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This collection consists of memes created by Brown community members that were posted on the Facebook page "Brown Dank Stash of Memes for S/NC Memes."

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Today@Brown (2).png

This collection captures the different events announced on Today@Brown, a daily email received by all members of Brown, as screenshots.

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Dear Blueno Posts

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Screenshots of posts from the public Facebook group "Dear Blueno," an anonymous online forum used dominantly by the Brown community to express their…

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